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A Quiet Christmas With Christ:

Do you ever feel that your life doesn't have enough "quiet?" We live in a fast-paced world, and we tend to fill up every spare moment with activity, noise, bustle, and busyness. The Christmas season can be especially "quietless" as you run from shopping trip to class party to church program to family gatherings. The list goes on.
Yet, amidst the hurry, the Christmas season beckons us to return to cherished memories - to hold on to the wonderful blessings of life - and to renew our heart for the Lord Jesus. This Christmas, I invite you to de-compress from the demands of your day and reconnect with your Savior and His "big picture" for your life. I don't know about you, but I've come to cherish those moments when its just quiet - no phones, no E-Mail, no demands, no hurry. Whether the stillness brings an unexpected call to meet with the Lord, or a gentle hug from my growing little girl - the stillness brings clarity to what really matters in life.
During such "quiet" times, the right music can help settle the heart, calm the spirit, and comfort the soul. The right melodies can beckon you to "stay a little longer" - to linger in His presence.

What better season to focus on God's incredible gift - Jesus Christ - and what better time to rest in Him? Thank you for listening and may God use this music to warm your heart, brighten your Christmas, and draw you and yours closer to Him for many Christmas seasons to come.

Cary Schmidt

from "Carol of the Bells"

See the Star so clearly shining in the darkness of the night;
Wise men of the east 'tis guiding, by its radiance led aright.
Hear the angel voices singing, "Peace on earth, good will to men!"

All the bells of Heav'n are ringing, echoing to earth again.

(lyrics by Ivy Mawby & music by Norman Bearcroft)