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Johann Sebastian Bach´s statement:

"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul"
"The true greatness of a musician is in how he relies upon God to multiply his gifts and use his talents to the glory of God"

"God's timing is the perfect timing"
(from J.S.Bach's Cantata #106)

God's time is the very best time
In Him we live,move and are,so long as He wills
In Him we die at the right time,when he wills.

Ah Lord,teach us to think
that we must die
so that we become wise.

Put your house in order
for your will die
and not remain living.

It is the old covenant:
Man,you must die!

Yes,come,Lord Jesus,come!

Into your hands I commit my spirit;
you have redeemed me,Lord,you faithful God.

Today you will be with me in paradise
With peace and joy I travel there
in God's will,
my heart and mind are confident,
peaceful and calm
As God has promised me:
death has become my sleep.

Glory,praise,honor and majesty
be given to you God father and son,
to the Holy Spirit by name!
God's strength
make us victorious
through Jesus Christ.Amen.

Music celebrities' opinions on Johann Sebastian Bach:

The word "bach" in german means "brook". To this Beethoven replied "not brook but Ocean should be his name!"
After listening to a piece by Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said: "this is music from which mankind can learn many things"
Johannes Brahms said "study Bach...there you will find everything"
Rimsky-Korsakov aknowledged at a certain point of his studies "I had no idea of the historical evolution of the civilized world's music until I had realized that it owes everything to Bach"
Aaron Copland stated "If musicians were asked to name one of them who came closest to composing without human flaw, I suppose general consensus would choose Johann Sebastian Bach"

Old Times Nostalgia:

"Everything was so much better in the good old days, the music of those days made much more sense and was uplifting, our pleasures were simpler and more enjoyable, life was more worth living".

Now interestingly this nostalgia comes in for a debulking by the writer of the book of Eclesiastes. I mean too often we are tempted to defy the past, we recall the good old days but we tend to forget the tough times of the good old days: the failures, the depression, the sins peculiar to that stage of history and our lives.

We remember the 5 cent hotdog, maybe the 25 cent haircut but we forget that as a kid one had to work all day to be rewarded with 25 cents. Some didn't drink or smoke perhaps but at the same time were insufferably stuffy or proud. Our attitudes towards race differencies were abominable in the old days and they were the days of the excessibly rich who lavished their wealth largely on themselves. So, who wants to return to that?

Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof, and now is the day of salvation. Both biblical enjunctions. Rather than asking questions or summarizing how much better one generation is than the next, we really are to learn from the past to be sure to hopefully anticipate the future, not making the same mistakes.

But we are to live in the present for the past we may learn from obvious mistakes that were made but the evil we must contend with is today's evil, we may anticipate the coming great events of the future but to be sure we're enjoying God's grace, God's salvation today and that should be our chief concern.

The good old days are no longer with us and hopefully that have left us some good memories,some important lessons but today is our main concern. What does God have for me today and what will He have me to do to serve Him today.To let nostalgia for the past rob us of enthousiasm and iniciative for today's challenges would indeed be unwise. So forgetting what is behind let us press on to win the prize for which God has called us having word in Christ Jesus.

Broadcasting as I've known it for the last forty years has been totally changed by the computer and yet I would never go back. Technology has opened many new doors for global ministry that we would have never had. So let's move forward together as we seek to get the Gospel into the worldwide marketplace,daily.

(from Family Radio)