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"A Worship Arts Ministry"

The Purpose:
To "set the table" in preparation for the church body arriving for corporate worship, and facilitate connecting their hearts with God.

The Members:
The key component is a team of people-united in purpose-where each member has a yearning heart and love for God, a deep love for people, and possesses artistic gifts and talents to express that love.

The Style:
God has not given us one set formula for worship. With numerous accounts of a variety of worship expressions present in Scripture, it is apparent God does not have a problem with variety. Therefore, the "worship wars" we percieve to exist are the result of our own preferences and... inflexibility!
For stylistic diversity, one has to look no further than the hymnal. Hymns come from all different eras of history as well as countries, and have been passed down for generations. They're theologically rich, and extremely powerful musically. As Johann Sebastian Bach did as "worship arts director" in the early 1700's with hymns like "A Mighty Fortress is our God" and "Now, thank we all our God", we can use different instrumentation and incorporate various styles of our time, as long as provide with theological substance or capture God's majesty and spirit in ways spoken word could never communicate.

The Artists:
We pray together about the church, our community, and each other. I continually review what our purpose is as a worship arts ministry, and share what will be communicated during worship for the upcoming services. If the artist knows the purpose and the message, then communication happens from the heart rather than coming off as a performance. Rehearsals, by the way, are powerful times. Rather than being a simple drill of learning notes, it becomes a midweek worship experience!

The Director:
Is responsible for the supervision of the ministry, planning worship with a focus on music selection and other creative elements, and leading vocal and instrumental teams-such as choir, vocal teams, orchestra, worship bands.
Serves as worship leader, working closely with pastoral and other staff in planning worship, events and concerts.
Selects ans supervises activities of associate music directors, choir directors, worship leaders, instrumentalists, and other artists.
Trains and equips each team member,worship staff, laypeople and volunteers. Recruits members of the worship ministry teams, soloists and musicians.
May direct the music groups or teams and even perform in worship services.
Supervises audio, lighting and media staff, volunteers.
Communicates the desired outcome so each member of the team has a vision of the "big picture".
Carefully assigns tasks and responsibilities that match each team member's gifts and strengths, provides a sense of value and importance, and challenges the team member to grow.
Makes people feel valued, graciously leading others, and rallying others to accomplish goals.
Continues to provide sharp focus on the big picture and priorities when things get bogged down.

(excerpts from an interview with Todd Billingsley)