Actions: past & present (you can help!)

Some of our sponsored events conduct fundraising, to benefit organizations assisting people with special needs {listing}

-"King of Keyboards" a festival of inspirational music performed on the pipe Organ and Choir. Event series created and produced by Javier Dubois Proietto.
2008 (Ezequiel Menendez) - 2010 (Jackson Borges) - 2012 (Brian Schottler) - 2014 (Kevin Graf, organ + Sheila Smith, choir) [Pictures] + {Video sample} - 2016 (Allen Artz)

-"Voices of Praise" we have teamed up with Voices of Praise, an inter-church Gospel Choir from its very beginning. We share the goal of advancing the knowledge and performance of traditional Christian music in order to bring Glory to God. As such, our resources are available to Voices of Praise, as well as other highly regarded Christian Ministries that already benefit from Star Ministry's support {Video sample}

-The Salvation Army; the regular purchase of large number of recordings, printed music and instruments for donation to various performers and bands like the Harlem Youth Project;
Continuing support of the New York Staff Band at Silver level; ocasional presentation of Thanksgiving & Christmas concerts. Contact: Thomas Scheibner, 1(845)620-7400

-Morristown United Methodist Church: Regular sponsor of their concert series "Abendmusik" and "Music at Noon". Contact: June van Thoen, 1(973)538-2132

-The Bach Festival by Midtown Arts Common, New York City at Citicorp Tower in Manhattan: regular contributions to its production funding (until 2007).
Contact: Tomas Schmidt, 1(212)935-2200

-Coral Ridge Media,at the C.R.Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale,FL:
Donation of broadcast television production equipment donated for "Holy Land Television" (first christian TV station in Israel, channel 37 Bethlehem, in 1997)
Contact: Bob Ware, engineering dept. 1(954)772-0408

-Hawthorne Gospel Church in New Jersey (1997-2011):
continuing support to the Music ministry;
donation of broadcast standard television production equipment.
Contact: Media ministries 1(973)427-6960 & pastors Robert Minor and Gordon Nicely.

-Christian Assembly of Argentina
(founded in 1917 by missionaries from the Moody Institute, head of a network of more than 80 churches and member of the International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies): regular donation of tracts to evangelistic teams, as well as various technical equipment.

During Christmas 2003 a scholarship was fully granted to bandmaster Jorge Randazzo to attend several Christian holiday events in the USA as a seed gift to enable him to start a similar ministry in Argentina (which had not existed before then). Contact: Ciro Crimi, senior pastor & Pentecostal Federation president +(5411) 4503-5072

-Solid Rock Ministries (West Palm Beach,FL):
distribution of hundreds of recordings to Christian radio stations and church bands. Contact: Tony Loeffler 1(561)784-5188

-Free-will offerings to various ministries in North and South America