STARted in Florida, STAR ministry became a non-profit corporation in the State of New Jersey in 2007.
It is designated a Public Charity 501 (c)(3) by the IRS

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Javier Dubois Proietto is our president, assisted by a Council of Trustees and a group of commited supporting friends.
Some of them have earned the titles of "Champion" and "Angel" for their remarkable partnership.
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Raised in Argentina by french and italian parents, Javier graduated from Saviour's University and completed additional studies in the USA & France.
He is fluent in english, french, spanish, and latin.

Javier was presented with the "1981 Outstanding Man of the Year" Award by Jaycees International.

In the business field, Javier has a long history in television production engineering.
Since 1967 he has been serving major world media companies (such as CNN) in different capacities; and from 1987 until now, as chairman of his own company.